Friday, May 24, 2013

Nursery Projects

I recently ordered this crib for the nursery and I can't wait for it to come in! There is a really great baby store in Kearney that I ordered it through and they said it would be delivered in about 4-6 weeks!

I will be taking a dresser to Adam for him to paint. I was hoping it could also serve as a changing table but it is too shallow. I don't know how necessary a changing table is anyway so I think it will be fine. Adam will also be staining a plain, pine bookshelf for the nursery the same color as a crib-Cherry.

Once we know what our little babe is, I want to start making this mobile. The problem is, I have a clear idea of how I want the nursery to be if we have a little girl. My ideas are still up in the air if we have a boy! I have some of the items from when I was little that I want to use...if its a girl!

We will find out what we are having in two short weeks and then the real fun can begin on the nursery!

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