Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Little 4 month old!

Happy four months sweet baby girl! You are 13.08 lbs (31st percentile) and 25 in (85th percentile)! At your four month appointment, you met all of your milestones along with 1/3 of your six mont milestones! You are so smart and so fun! You also didn't even make a sound when you got your shots! Mommy and daddy were very proud!

I feel like we have seen the most changes in you over the last month than we have before! Your personality has really started to develop and it has been such a joy to see!

Month four was a very busy month for us. Christmas fell during it and we were busy with lots of traveling. It also seemed like such a long month so bear with my long post!

Between 12 and 13 weeks, you really started to go to town on your fingers and fists. You also liked your pacifier more and teething rings. We entered into teething...

Around 13 weeks, when we would give you a bottle, you start to hold it on your own. We obviously had to help sometimes but, for the most part, you could hold it up and support it.

Around 15 weeks, you really started to follow me if I walked passed you, if you heard my voice, etc. You don't really do this as much with other people but you definitely know who your mommy is and it makes me so happy!

Right at 16 weeks you not only rolled from your back to tummy (YAY!) but you really started giggling!

Around 17 weeks, you started creeping towards your toys. I am almost positive you will be an early crawler!

Also around 17 weeks, you started sleeping on your tummy and have been sleeping much better because of it. You no longer roll over in your sleep to get on your tummy (we put you down on your belly) so you don't get caught in the rails of your crib.

You are a very happy, talkative baby. You used to not like to lay down but now you don't mind it because you have learned you can grab your feet and become a little rolly-polly!

For some reason you LOVE being naked!

You and I still get cuddle time in!

Your tummy is your favorite place to be now. 

This was the start of you rolling over-grabbing your feet, and rolling to the side. 

You are starting to get really chunky cheeks!

Hanging with mom while I get ready for work!

Everything goes in your mouth these days. 

Sophie is your favorite teething toy. You pretty much won't let this thing go!

You have also managed to get your feet in your mouth!

We tried out this fun bouncer but you were still a little too small. Maybe in about a month!

First pair of sunnies. Still a bit too big. 

Loving on your frozen teething rings. 

And Sophie again!

You started to be able to hold your bottle on your own at times. 

You also made some pretty cute faces. 

And tried to put things in your mouth that clearly wouldn't fit...

You were also the happiest baby ever and still continue to be. 

You love sitting up in your seat. 

And playing with this fun toy!

You also love to for people to play on the floor with you.

Cheered on the Packers once and for all this past season. Go Pack Go!


  • When I went back to work, I had a difficult time pumping enough for you so we had to start supplementing with formula. Well, over Christmas and during all of our travels, we used the formula more than we should have which really hurt my production when we returned. When I did go back to work, I would pump maybe 7-8 ounces (when I really need about 15).
  • Napping...For some reason, you don't like to nap in your crib, pack-n-play, on our bed, etc. You usually fall asleep after your mid-morning feeding but as soon as you are put down you either wake-up, or, wake-up 10 minutes later and won't fall asleep. The frustrating part is that you will sleep fine at daycare. 
  • Towards the end of your 15th week, I started taking a supplement recommended to me by the lactation consultant in order to help boost my supply and production. So far it has worked really well and I am happy to say that we haven't had to use formula AND I am pumping extra for us to freeze!
  • You sleep REALLY well at night-like about 10 hours straight well. However, you aren't able to put yourself to sleep yet (this might help with napping). You usually fall asleep with your evening feeding either by nursing or with a bottle and then we just put you down and you are out until about 5:30 or so. We have received a lot of advice from friends and family on what we should be doing and there is even more online. Ultimately, it is our decision and, at this point, we still think you are a bit too young to let you cry it out. Check back in a couple months!
What makes you, you!

  • EVERYTHING goes in your mouth! 
  • You are able to sit up for about 5-7 seconds at a time but you are able to start doing the "tripod" sit occasionally. 
  • You are oh so smart! I cannot get over how much you learn and change everyday. I know all parents think that their kids are geniuses, and you are more than likely not, but I do think you are very smart with how early you have learned to do things!
  • You love being in just your diaper. Every time we change your clothes, you are happiest. This makes your dad nervous :)
  • You don't mind being held by others but you definitely know who your mom is and follow my every move! If you are held by others you will just stare at me. 

What we couldn't live without
  • Your piano activity mat. You LOVE this thing and try so hard to pull the little animals off but have a hard time since they are attached!
  • The Nosefrida!You have tackled a few colds since being born but the one you had this past month was when we decided to buy the Nose Frida. It has worked wonderfully and has been a lifesaver for getting rid of your stuffies!
  • Sophie the Giraffe! You got this for Christmas and you weren't too sure about it at first but now it is the only toy that you won't drop or put down. It is definitely a good teething toy!
  • Bibs-we have a million different kinds and go through about 4/day since you are a little drool monster!

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 New Years Resolutions

Having Caroline has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Not that I wasn't responsible before but she has added another layer of accountability and makes me want to be a better person for her!

Develop a deeper relationship with God
I don't think people like to admit it but it is easy to fall out of the spiritual relationship one has with God. I know it happens with me more than I would like to admit. I want Caroline to grow-up not only going to church on a weekly basis (probably more since it is Adam and I's hope to send our children to a Catholic school) but to also grow-up having a relationship with God and those are two very different things.

It is my hope to set aside some time each week, for just myself, to meditate and start leading more of a prayerful life. Ironically, the homily given at the Mass prior to Caroline's baptism was about leading a more prayerful life and finding opportunity to really communicate with God. It was fitting for the baptism we had planned after.

Invest more in my relationship with Adam
It is only natural that when a baby comes, my time as a mother is now primarily devoted to taking care of the needs of Caroline. Of course those first couple of months we were both in zombie, survival mode. As soon as Caroline went to bed (whether it was 7:00 pm or 11:00 pm) so did we. Our conversations primarily circled around Caroline, how tired we were, the stresses of breastfeeding, Adam's classes, etc. Not very romantic huh?

Now that Caroline is in a much better routine and I am more comfortable leaving her, Adam and I have more time alone in the evenings, and since we think we have more of a handle on things, we can talk about things not just pertaining to her.

Over the holidays, we had a couple opportunities to go out together and with friends thanks to the help of our parents. it is my hope to have at least a couple date nights per month where we can really focus on us.

Become more financially sound
Adam is graduating in May! Woohoo! We will finally be at a point where we will be a two income family-pretty much the first time since we were married.

Now that Caroline is here, we really want to start looking at buying a house after graduation. We are running out of room in our apartment and she will need more space to be grow and play in.

We both also carry some student loan debt that, upon graduation, I am committed to start increasing payments to get them paid off quicker. We were able to pay off our car about three months early and it was a great feeling! So, right now, really the only debt we have is student loans and then the rest of my hospital bills from having Caroline (which should be paid off in the next month).

We have been so used to living on such a tight budget in order to get Adam through school that it will be refreshing to have more wiggle room. We are still probably going to live more on the frugal end to continue saving money but I can't wait to have some more breathing room!

Maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle
It is too easy to SAY, I will lose weight and even more difficult to do. I think weight loss will be a bi-product of leading a healthier lifestyle. I am already more active with Caroline being her-maximizing the "down-time" I do have to get things done, playing with her, and I know that it will only increase as she starts to move more!

I want to be an example to her of what living healthy means.

Having a baby has changes my life in more ways that I can count but I think the biggest change is that she is an inspiration to me. As cheesy as that may sound, it is so true. She inspires me to be the best mom I can be and she completely deserves it.

First Christmas as a family of 3

Get ready for some CUTENESS!!!

Adam and I have always done a lot of traveling around the holidays. Both of our parents are divorced so the movie "4 Christmases" really does apply to us! This year was no different and we were determined to see everyone since it was Caroline's first Christmas.

We left our home on the 20 to head to Missouri to visit my parents. After trying to drive 10 hours straight during Thanksgiving, we decided it was best to break it up so we drove to Kansas City and stayed at Adam's mom's house before heading to Rolla.

It was nice being back home and spending time with my family. We did Christmas with my mom on Christmas Eve and Christmas with my dad on Christmas Day. My step sister had her daughter in February so it was fun seeing the two girls together. Even though they are only seven months apart, Amelia is so much more developed than Caroline. Next Christmas should be a lot of fun with the two of them!

After about five days with my family, we headed back up to Kansas City and Omaha to see Adam's mom and dad's families. It was great seeing both sets as one of Adam's aunts lives in Florida and we rarely see her as well as seeing Adam's extended family on his dad's side.

What we learned from all of this traveling is that it will be important for us to start our own traditions with our family from here on out. We won't always be able to see everyone and if family wants to see us, they can travel to see us instead of us traveling all over the midwest! Between everything we had to pack for Caroline and all of the gifts we received, our car was packed to the brim! Also as Caroline gets older, her toys will get bigger and we eventually plan on having more kids.

Overall, it was a great Christmas season and having Caroline made it even better! We are truly blessed to have her and such an amazing family!

It's hard to get a good picture with two babies so into each other!

Halfway decent one however Amelia and Caroline are really into something to the right!

Clearly Caroline is obsessed with someone finally her size! 
Had to get a picture of the cousins together! It is amazing that they are just seven months apart yet so much different in size!
                  Christmas morning with my girl! This was about 6:00 am so excuse how I look...                                     

Caroline with her favorite Uncle Pat

The BEST siblings!

One of my favorite pictures from Christmas! Caroline with Grandma!!!


3 generations of beautiful women!

Mom and her favorites!

Caroline with Grandma and Grandpa Noel

First Christmas as a family of 3!

Caroline in her Christmas best! 

Starting the tradition of Christmas eve Jams! Our little elf!

Christmas eve snuggles!

Hanging out with Grandpa while mom and dad got a bit more sleep!

Opening presents

She's the cutest!

Had to get a picture of her santa feet!

Middle of the night play time and snuggles with mom! Good thing she is pretty cute!