Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dreams of Summer

We have been getting quite a few warm spells the past couple weeks which make me only long for everything Spring and Summer will bring! Okay, not everything. I could do without bugs, and humidity, but I will pretty much take everything else.

I can't wait for float trips with family and friends I can't wait to buy fresh fruits and veggies every Saturday morning from the local farmers market. I can't wait to get the grill started up and have the hubby start grilling chicken, steaks, kabobs, fish, veggies, pizza, etc! I can't wait to start a little outdoor oasis on our back deck with flower boxes and planters. I can't wait for possible outdoor concerts, weekend trips, hiking, and maybe a vacation!

As much as I can't wait for these things, I am really trying to live in the present and enjoy current happenings!

So, this weekend, I can't wait to see my sister's science experiment and a Science Olympiad, the Missouri state FIRST Robotics competition hosted by Missouri S&T, going to the lake for some shopping on Sunday with my mom and sister, and watching the Oscars!

Spring and Summer will be here soon enough and I am sure when the end of July rolls around, I will be ready for fall!

Until then, I have posted some pictures that make me think of summer or are some favorite summer memories!

My birthday pizza that my roommate made for me when I turned 21! That was an awesome summer!

Farmers Market! I can't wait!

Me in Germany with my mug of beer from the Hofbrauhaus!

Me mom and me hiking in Germany. Hands down, best vacation EVER! I can never say thank-you enough to my mom for such a wonderful trip!

Yummm! Grilling! I want to get the Weber grilling cookbook that has everything from meats to veggies to pizzas to desserts!

This will always be my favorite summer destination! Door County brings me so much peace and relaxation!

Awesome roomies my junior year of college! This was the start of the summer!

Best summer memory to date, our beautiful wedding last May!

What are your favorite summer memories? What are you looking forward to most about spring and summer?

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  1. Agree with you on the summer! Marn and I are both done with cold weather. - In regards to the weber cookbook, you can use mine whenever you like! They are really great.