Tuesday, March 8, 2011

103rd Best Ever-Part 1

Those who are remotely familiar with Missouri University of Science and Technology or with Rolla, in general, know that St. Patrick's Day is quite a big deal. The celebration has already started and will end on Sunday. In addition to the student's Spring Break which is in a few weeks, they get two additional days off of classes this week to celebrate. I don't think someone can fully appreciate the wonder of St. Pats unless you were either a student at Missouri S&T or are from the area.

I have had the opportunity to celebrate several St. Pat's celebrations throughout the years in various ways. This year, it falls on the hubby's birthday and one of my very best friends will be coming down to celebrate as well. She has more of a connection to St. Pats than some of of my other friends because she knew several people who went to school here and is very familiar with it all. All-in-all, it should be a very good time.

In the past, I have always known someone who went to school here and hung out at their house or went to some fraternity houses. Now that I am in my ripe old age of 24, I don't think the fraternity house thing will happen and the house parties won't be happening so I guess it will be time for me to experience the Rolla bar-scene which consists of a.) The Grotto (small bar, in a basement, with no circulation-you could call it a Missouri S&T institution) b.) the Public House Brewery (micro-brewery which just opened up-pretty decent) c.) the Tater Patch (a biker bar) d.) The Lock Room (bar above a furniture store...enough said) and e.) Brunos (standard bar). The bar scene in Rolla isn't much and maybe I would think more of it if I had gone to school here, but I am willing to give it a shot and maybe do a Rolla bar crawl this weekend. I can be the driver since I will not be drinking. No, I am not pregnant. Just trying to have a healthier lifestyle! I can chauffeur around my friend and husband!

For more details and the history of St. Pats you can check it out at http://discover.mst.edu/2011/02/best-ever-st-pats.html#more or go to http://bestever.mst.edu/.

I will be post pictures and stories of the weekend next week!

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