Thursday, February 10, 2011

To review, or not to review?

"Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people." This is a quote that I am going to try to keep in mind more often as I go on with my daily life. Lately, I feel as though more of my conversations have been circling around individual people and I don't like that about myself. In order to remedy this, I started thinking about doing an article review/discussion with my husband. This was something I enjoyed doing in while in graduate school, and, while we only discussed higher education "hot topics," it was a great way to exchange ideas and thought as well as challenge my thinking.

There are a couple reasons why I would like to start this with the hubby. First, Adam and I don't have cable (which is no excuse to not keep up with happenings) but I think this would be a great to stay well-versed with current events. Second, since I am not in school anymore, I feel as though my mind is turning into mush. I would have never said this a few years ago when I first started college, but I want to be a life-long learner. If I am able to learn, why let that ability go to waist? I don't have to be enrolled in classes to learn but can easily learn through article review and discussion.

I still need to present this idea to Adam but I was thinking we both pick one article a week for both of us to read and discuss them over dinner. What do you think? Should article reviews be reserved primarily for classes and work? Or, can husbands and wives partake in this activity?

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