Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Name Game...29 Weeks

I unexpectedly had to go to Wisconsin for a few days due to a death in the family. While I would have loved to see my family under better circumstances, it was still great seeing them. Many of them I haven't seen since at least our wedding which was three years ago so this was obviously the first time they saw me since becoming pregnant. Not seeing them brought lots of questions. The main one was "Have you thought of names?"And of course, we received SEVERAL suggestions-Roxanne (a favorite of my grandmother's) to Jade (a favorite of my nine year old cousin) and a lot in between.

Adam and I have made the decision to not tell people what we are naming the baby or tell people what we are seriously considering naming the baby. When the baby is born, that is when we will decide what to name her. We have found that if we tell people what we are thinking, we don't always get the best reactions-"Really?!? (with a look) You're thinking of THAT name?"Once she is born, no one will really focus on the name but instead of the excitement of having her here. If they aren't a fan of the name, they will learn to like it because it is HER name.

I will tell you that we like traditional, classic names. Even before we found out we were having a girl, we were already discussing names for both a boy and a girl. I also would like to have at least the first or middle name to be a saint name or a biblical name.

So, that is all I have as far as names go. I guess you will have to tune in early to mid-September to see what we are naming her!

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  1. I suppose you don't need any more suggestions from me then.

    - Dad