Friday, June 14, 2013

27 Weeks on my 27th Birthday!

I have always loved my birthday and I have always said that Flag Day is my favorite holiday. Everyone keeps asking me if I am doing anything exciting for my birthday.Well, not really which is fine. Adam will be getting home later and I am pregnant (so have a drink for me)! I had a little work celebration earlier today but that's about it.

I remember how I would stretch my birthday celebration out as much as possible so instead of having a birthDAY, I was celebrating a birthMONTH. As I have gotten older, I have gotten less selfish which is probably a good thing since becoming a parent is probably going to be the most selfless role I play to date.

So here I am 27 years ago today! Wasn't I presh? Thanks to my mom for her 18 hours of being in labor, this little gem entered the world! Hopefully our little baby will have a head full of hair as well! (Remember when I said I was becoming less selfish? Clearly I need to work on being less conceited!)

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