Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! 28 Weeks...Almost

I truly believe I have the best parents a girl could ask for. On Mother's Day, I wrote about the qualities I  admire and hope to have from my mother. Today is about my dad.

You can describe me as a "daddy's girl" if you will. I do and I am fine with that. I have always been close to my dad and as I prepare to become a parent, there are several qualities about my father that I hope I can possess when this baby is born. My dad is one of the most patient and caring people I have had the privilege of knowing. He also has a creativity and imagination that most five year olds would be jealous of. This made my childhood exciting and never boring!

Often times I hear, "Girls tend to marry men like their father." When I first married Adam, I would have never agreed with that statement. As Adam and I continue to settle into our marriage more and I can see him become more paternal as he prepares for fatherhood, there are qualities about Adam that are very similar to my dad. What I admire most about my father are some of the qualities that made me fall in love with Adam. As I mentioned in a previous post, Adam is one of the most caring and patient men I have had the privilege of knowing. His overall demeanor is laid-back and carefree which is a great balance for me. These same qualities are what, I believe, made my father such a great father! Again, seeing these qualities in Adam re-confirms he will be a great dad-just like mine is.
My Daddy and Me.  I am pretty small in this picture and would venture to guess a few weeks to a month old.

Since I never added a photo for Mother's Day-here is a picture of mini-Erin and my mom! Isn't she beautiful?
  • How far along? 27 Weeks and 6 days-So 28 weeks! This officially puts me in my 3RD TRIMESER!!!!
  • Total weight gain/loss: Not sure...I haven't been weighing myself at home but I don't think it is more than a couple pounds. Since I had only gained seven pounds at my 25 week appointment I am going to venture in saying I have gained between 8-9 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes? Pretty much all I wear. I wear a lot of dresses to work-some maternity, some pre-pregnancy. I can get by wearing the belly band with a some pre-pregnancy pants and shorts.
  • Stretch marks? Fortunately, no more than my last post. I have been putting Palmers on my belly religiously twice a day. This isn't really to prevent them because I don't think that is possibly, but to start fading the current ones I have gotten. 
  • Sleep: Ugh!!! I just one last night of good sleep before the baby comes. It isn't necessarily about having to go the bathroom but I find it hard to get comfortable. Blah!
  • Best moment this week: Spending the weekend, and kind of my birthday with Adam.
  • Miss Anything? Not really
  • Movement: Oh yes! I wouldn't expect anything less of our future gymnast! Earlier in the week she was moving so much I could actually see it through my shirt. Crazy!!!
  • Food cravings: WATERMELON-cannot get enough. At least it is healthy right?
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
  • Gender: GIRL 
  • Labor Signs: NO WAY!!!
  • Symptoms: Still some round ligament pain. I have also had some pain in my pelvis area. My doctor said this is just those muscles and ligaments relaxing and preparing for labor. It still seems so far away...
  • Belly Button in or out? In and I don't think it will ever pop out. 
  • Wedding rings on or off? On!
  • Happy or Moody most of the time: In a pretty good mood!
  • Looking forward to: Working on nursery projects!

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