Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So ready to not be pregnant...Happy 35 Weeks!

I am in awe that we just have five weeks left. She could pretty much come at any time with really no issues!

I am definitely at the point of wanting to be done being pregnant! Along with the just the uncomfortableness that comes with being pregnant, I am just so ready to wear other clothes. I feel like I am getting to the point of having to wear the same thing over and over again. I refuse to buy more maternity clothes when I am so close to be done so I am just going to have to put up with it. Last Thursday, I went out with a few friends to watch a band that I really love (Soca Jukebox-check them out!) and I broke down when I was trying to find something that was half-way cute/trendy. Get me back in my normal clothes!!! And I just really want to go shopping!

My next appointment is on Monday and I start going every week after that. I will have my Group B Strep test conducted as well as a baseline for dilation and effacement of my cervix (sorry if this grosses anyone out!).

I don't usually take selfies but here I am at 34 and 35 Weeks. Some say that the growth of the belly is visible between weeks now. I don't see much of a difference between the two pictures. I am also going to refer to the 35 week picture from here on out to see if she has started "dropping."

  • How far along? 35 Weeks
  • Total weight gain/loss: I am going to say 13 pounds total. They tell you that you lost about 10-12 pounds just from having the labor. If that's the case, I am hoping it won't take me too long to lose all of it plus more!
  • Maternity clothes? Oh yes!
  • Stretch marks: Don't want to talk about it! Luckily, when I have had stretch marks before (from puberty and growth spurts) they fade really well so I am hoping that will be the case this time. Adam told me that when I am done having kids I can look into some sort of removal process. Before you jump to conclusions, Adam didn't bring this up, I did. He has been very supportive!
  • Sleep: I have been waking up with leg cramps periodically. There are some mornings where I feel like I could sleep forever which is SOO weird because I never sleep in. I will take it while I can!
  • Best moment this week: I have the greatest two co-workers and friends who gave me a little "Mommy Shower." We got pedicures and they gave me a gift certificate for a pre-natal massage!
  • Miss Anything? I am sooo ready to wear my regular clothes again!
  • Movement: Yes and all over the place. I can tell that she is starting to settle-in lower because I have been feel movement VERY low in my torso. But there are also times where she is kicking up by my ribs. 
  • Food cravings: I have had a few but they aren't super strong like "I've got to have that now!" Pizza sometimes sounds really good and Chinese!
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
  • Gender: GIRL!!!
  • Labor Signs: Not yet!
  • Symptoms: Lower back pain and lately I have had a hard time taking deep breaths. I still have acid reflux but not enough to where it is uncomfortable. Tums will usually do the trick!
  • Belly Button in or out? Still in
  • Wedding rings on or off? On!
  • Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy most of the time! 
  • Looking forward to: Adam comes home FOR GOOD on Thursday! We used to think he wouldn't be back until the following weekend but we decided that it would be best if he comes home a week early. Now he pushed it up a day because he has an interview on Friday! 2 Days!!!!


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  2. Honestly, if you are breastfeeding you won't have any problem loosing all the weight and more. With as little as you have gained I am betting it will only take about 3-4 months for it to all be off.