Wednesday, July 23, 2014

75% of the way there!

Month 9 has been fairly uneventful which isn't a bad thing! There are fewer physical changes we have noticed with you but more developmental. When we went in for your 9 month appointment, you were in the 35th percentile for both height and weight but the 70th for head circumference! I expressed my concern for your petite-ness but the doctor said you were perfect and she looks at your developmental milestones more than measurements. Since you are way ahead of the game, she had no concerns. In fact, she said you were "Small but mighty!"

You are SOOO close to walking which terrifies me! You aren't scared of letting go and trying to take a few steps. It usually results in falling down, though. You are persistent (which is wonderful!) and just get back up!

We are starting to hear you try to put words together more. We hear "yayaya" a lot. I have heard sounds that resemble "dada" or "daddy." And then there are sounds or words you say that we have no idea what you are saying! You also like to blow bubbles and your latest is a "rawr" noise.

Sleeping pictures of you are still the best! 

Messy eater!

We tried pig tails. They didn't last long!

The prettiest eyes!

Helping mama shop!

Love going through Nana's cabinets!

You also love the pool!

You aren't a fan of the life jacket though

But you loved the aquarium

Happy nine months baby girl!

  • Not being in our own home. We are SOOO grateful that we can stay with Nana while we figure things out in Kansas City but not having everything and not knowing where everything is has been a struggle. 
  • You HATE being in the car. We bought you a bigger carseat and that has seemed to help but we pretty much dread being in the car with you for long periods of time. 
  • You have learned how to climb the stairs
  • You LOVE the pool! 
  • You can pretty much eat any table food as long as it is soft enough. We still give you baby food at times but you still pretty much eat. You feeding yourself has become quite the messy event!
What makes you, you!
  • You really like to bounce. If you are holding on to something, you bounce up and down.
  • You also like to push to boundaries. "No" is a word you know but you still like to push the limits to see how far we will let you go. We might be in trouble in the future!
  • You are obsessed with Marley, Nana's dog. However, he isn't as interested in you!
What we couldn't live without
  • Pool raft for when we go swimming. Lately, you bend forward to get have NO fear!

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