Monday, August 18, 2014

Where has the time gone?

I have seriously been lacking in updating your monthly posts! I actually had the 9 month one finished on time but had a difficult time uploading the pictures! It is also hard with you moving so much, I don't have much time to update this bad boy!

So what happened during your 10th month? Not much EXCEPT that you started WALKING!!!! Watch out world, Caroline is one the move!

We also celebrated your 1st 4th of July! I was nervous about you being on the boat for 4 hours, but you did great! You also loved swimming the pool and shopping with momma, grandma, and Aunt Cam!

Although you really aren't talking yet (more just making lots of noise), you also started recognizing words. For example, if I ask "Caroline, do you want to read a book?" you will crawl to your books and bring one to me. You also know "ball, "doggy," and "rawr." Your daddy taught you rawr and that is your dinosaur! And, of course, you know who your mommy and daddy are :)

You are becoming much more expressive with your face. You pretty much smile all the time but you also love sticking your tongue out!

Daddy's girl!

I have loved being able to stay home with you this summer!

Yummy lunch!

My little bookworm!

Naked is the best way to go in the summer!

Excited to go to Brielle's first birthday party!

The coolest baby ever!

Who also likes to destroy my bathroom

But how can you be mad at this face?

My 4th of July babe!

Clothes off when it comes to eating watermelon!

4th of July Family-You just woke up from a nap!

Swimming with Aunt Cam

My little water babe

First time on the boat-you did pretty good!

At the lake with momma

So tired after a long weekend at the Lake!

My pink and green turtle baby!

Happiest baby ever!

Loving on her fox

Reading with daddy!

Happy 10 months baby girl!


  • Eating. You aren't a picky eater, but you try to show more independence when you eat. For example, I will feed you something and you will spit it out and then try to put it back in your mouth. When you are eating food that you can pick up, you don't really ever spit it out. 
  • You have also been kind of constipated. We feed you lots of fruits and veggies but are trying to incorporate more prunes and other fiber-rich foods into your diet. 
  • You are starting to travel more with your new car seat. You still don't LOVE being in a car seat but it has definitely helped A LOT!

What makes you, you!

  • Sticking your tongue out! It's pretty cute!
  • You LOVE to jump and bounce in your bed. You will be a handful when you aren't in a crib anymore!

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