Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2/3rds of the way to 1 year! You are 8 Months Old!

8 Months Old!!! Where has the time gone? This post won't be too long since we are in the midst of packing and moving.

Tomorrow (the 22nd and daddy's and my 4th wedding anniversary) we will officially be moved out of Kearney and to Kansas City to stay with Nana for a couple months while we look for a house!

This past month has been filled with daddy finishing projects for school, graduation, and packing! Not a whole lot of news this month other than you cut two more teeth (that puts you up to 6!) and you are able to start standing un-supportive for longer periods of time. You also can start walking if we hold your hands or if you push your little activity table/cart.
Your 8 month picture! It is pretty hard to get a picture of you sitting still these days!
Talking up a storm on our walk!
So happy it is summer time!
Love waking up to this face! 

Shopping with mama!

Being outside is our favorite!

Fingers are still your favorite teethers! 

Getting SOOO big and strong!

Having fun at daycare. Love your bottom teeth showing! 
Waiting at the doctor's office for shots.

Swinging with daddy at the park! 

Crazy morning hair

Getting into something you shouldn't...story of our lives!

Rocking the cute headband and matching socks from Aunt Connie!

There's my girl!

Love your juice in the sippy cup!

We LOVE bath time!

Most beautiful smile and eyes EVER! 
Why even buy toys when boxes entertain you just as much?!?! 
Entertaining you at daddy's breakfast before graduation

We are SOOO proud of daddy!

Loved seeing grandpa and grandma Phyllis!

Cheesin it up!

Rocking the baby carrier at the classic car museum!

There are no words. You were clearly not impressed with our Mother's Day brunch!

But you did love your dinosaur from grandpa!

  • We are in the midst of packing for our big move to Kansas City (which is happening TOMORROW) so trying to pack with you has been a struggle!
  • While you crawling is GREAT, we cannot turn our backs for a minute! You are very quick and like to get into EVERYTHING!
  • You pretty much eat whatever we put in front of you. If you make a face, we continue trying a few days and then you get used to it. 
What makes you, you!
  • You LOVE playing Peek-A-Boo!
  • You laugh multiple times a day and its not just when daddy and I are trying to make you laugh but if you see toys you like you will get excited!
  • You have a cute little squeal/squawk going on
What we couldn't live without
  • Bath time-I know this isn't a thing per say, but there are times we are up to giving you a bath every day because you get so much food in your hair!
  • Honest Company Sunscreen-we have been spending so much time outside so this stuff is great! It is always in your diaper bag and is completely natural which is great since you are always putting your hands in your mouth!

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