Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy 5 Months!!!

Happy 5 months to my little love bug (one of my newer nicknames for you)!

With daddy on your 5 month birthday! I weighed you at home and think you are about 14 lbs. 

I have mixed feelings on how much you have changed and grown! I feel like you are a little ahead of most babies your age (and even some that are older) which is so exciting but I also feel like I have missed out on you being a cuddly baby!

Like most parents, you dad and I obviously think you are kind of a baby genius because you have developed so quickly in your tiny little body!

You haven't met any major milestones during this month. Since you met so many milestones early in your 4th month, I'm not too worried about it!

At about 20 weeks I noticed that you were cutting your first tooth which explained some fussiness you had been experiencing. A few days later, your dad noticed you were cutting, not just one tooth, but two teeth! No wonder you were so fussy! We finally broke down and gave you some Children's Tylenol which made you much more comfortable. We have only had give it to you about three times. Between the Tylenol, Orajel, and teething rings we think we have your pain pretty well managed!

Around 21 weeks, you really started moving A LOT! You aren't crawling yet but you can pretty well manage to get to whatever you want but rotating yourself or pushing yourself.

Also around 21 weeks, you took your first plane ride! I had to go to a conference in Indianapolis for work and I wasn't quite ready to be away from you so I brought you and dad with me! You actually traveled really well, got some good quality time in with dad, and even did some sight-seeing! You are one traveled baby as well. Between the holidays and this trip you have already been to eight states already!

When we talked to Nana (Adam's mom) she told us that she started walking at 9 months and I can't help but think you are on that same path! This apartment will need to become more "Caroline friendly" before we know it!

Winter cuddles. Still cherish these times since they are becoming fewer and less frequent!

Of all the interesting and fun toys you have, you are just focused on the tags of your activity mat!

Loving on your horse Aunt Cammie got you!

And loving on the fox your bestie Amanda got you!

Airplane kisses for my main girl!

Starting to become a daddy's girl!

Just being cute and starting to sit up more!

Having rosy cheeks and being beautiful!

Blurry picture but baby carrier=success!

Meeting Auntie Meagan and Uncle D at AFLV in Indianapolis!

Being silly and wearing your "I heart DZ'" pin. Future legacy!

Really starting to get into things!

Morning fun!

You and those tags again...

My funny valentine! Happy 1st Valentine's Day to my baby girl!

All smiles while shopping in Target!

The prettiest girl I know!

Singing on your microphone!

Sunday afternoon fun!

Turn away for 2 seconds and this is what I find! I had to get the obligatory naked baby pic at some point!
You are starting to sit up more!

After-bath funny faces!

Your fingers are still your favorite toy!

AND you are SOOO close to crawling! 


  • Your sleeping hasn't been terrible but it hasn't been the best either. I think we were kind of spoiled with how well you slept so early on that when you started teething, and becoming more fussy, you were waking up more throughout the night. In all reality, your sleeping is probably more consistent with other babies!
  • You usually aren't a fussy baby but teething, ugh, has made you very cranky and tired. The upside to this is that you sleep much longer through the night! But during the day, ugh, you have not been very pleasant! 

  • I had to go to a conference and I think your dad and I both worried about how you would do with just being with him for such a long time (he has never been alone with you for longer than a few hours) but you both did so well! I think this was a great way for you to get to know him and recognize him more. You never hated being around him, but always preferred me. Now you really enjoy being with both of us!
  • Around 22 weeks, that Saturday morning, you let mommy and daddy sleep until 7! Woohoo! Saturday night, you let us sleep until 6, but when back to bed around 7 for another two hours so mommy and daddy got to catch up on some good sleep!
What makes you, you!

  • EVERYTHING goes in your mouth...Still!
  • You are gaining more of an interest in what we are eating. At your 4 month appointment, your doctor wasn't concerned with your eating habits or your weight gain and her recommendation is to wait until 6 months to start solids so that is what we are aiming for!
  • You are starting to get fussier when people you don't know hold you. In some ways I like this because this means you really know who your mommy and daddy are but I also don't want you to be too shy of a child. I think this is a phase most babies go through!
  • You make some pretty funny noises. Some sound like really loud grunts and others sound like you are a pterodactyl. 

What we couldn't live without
  • The Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier We bought this right before we left for Indianapolis and it was great for traveling. We were able to get you to sleep so quick and easily by being carried around in this. It was very comfortable for me and you can't be the price. We had been looking at a much more expensive carrier but this has been amazing so far and fits our needs so I highly recommend it!
  • Britax B-Agile Stroller! We actually have the travel system and have no regrets! The stroller is so easy, compact, and light. It is great because you are able to sit in it now without needing the carseat so we brought this to Indianapolis with us. The hotel we stayed at, JW Marriott (which I have stayed in 3 different times for conferences and it never disappoints! If you can swing it, you HAVE to stay there!) is connected to the Indianapolis Convention Center, a mall, other hotels, and restaurants by sky walks. You and dad had a good time walking these and it got you out of the room but you didn't have to go outside since it was sooo cold! Anyway, we utilized the stroller A LOT!
  • Teething keys-I know! Simple, right? This toy is seriously your favorite right now!
  • Teething Shapes by Bright Starts These are great because they freeze so quickly and the size of them are easy for you to hold on to and chew on!
  • Munchkin Fun Ice Ring Teether See a theme? You like anything cold and chewable! We got a two-pack of these
  • Crib Mobile Ok so I have to admit that I kind of hated mobiles. None of them really went with my overall "vision" for the nursery. We received this for Christmas, set it up to see how you liked  it and boy are we glad we did! You LOVE this thing! You think the little giraffe that lights up is the funniest thing! When I am running around getting ready in the morning I will sometimes put you in your crib and this will keep you entertained for a good 10-15 minutes (which is pretty good for a 5 month old)!

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