Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Half Birthday!

Your six month was quite the month as evidenced by my ridiculously long post!

Your six month picture! We were playing dress up with a tutu your grandma made and a headband your nana got you for Christmas! Your six month appointment isn't until next week so I am not sure of what your measurements are but I would say a bit over 15 lbs based off of your appointment when you were sick. 

This was a hard month for me. I not only had to leave you for the first time, you were also sick for the first time, and I made the decision to stop breastfeeding.

I made the decision to help facilitate a program on another campus before you were even born thinking "Oh she will be five months. Leaving her for a few nights won't be too bad." It really wasn't that bad but when I dropped you off at daycare before I headed out of town, I cried and I missed you terribly! Thankfully technology is as advanced as it is because I was able to Facetime with you and dad, and dad would also text me pictures of you!

You were also sick for the first time this month. You had been tackling a cough and stuffy nose for a while and then when I got back from my trip we noticed that your cough had turned from a dry cough to a pretty rough one in which it sounded like your chest was congested. The following morning, you were coughing so hard that you threw up twice and were running a slight fever so we decided to take you to the doctor and I took the day off. They decided to run an RSV test (which killed me because you were so uncomfortable) and that came back negative. They recommended to let it run its course and if it continued to get worse, bring you back.

Well it did get worse so dad I were back at the doctor's office with you two days later because you were sounding even worse and it was breaking our hearts! Plus you started developing a rash on your shoulders and back. They determined you had a bronchial virus and prescribed breathing treatments for you so it wouldn't advance into something worse like pneumonia. The first treatment we did in the office and you cried (literally crying with tears running down your face which happens almost never) and I cried seeing you in so much pain and discomfort.

Luckily, as we continued the treatments you started getting more used to them. By no means would I say you liked them, but you tolerated them!

Lastly, I made the decision to stop breastfeeding this month. You decided to go on a "nursing strike" around 22 weeks in which you just refused to nurse. I was already struggling with pumping enough so this affected my supply even more. I then had to go out of town and pumping on my normal schedule was difficult to do. I knew being able to build it back up was going to be near impossible and with you starting solids soon, I became at peace with the decision to stop breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding was much harder and more emotional than I ever thought. Like most new moms, it was an adjustment in the beginning and looking back on it, I probably could have done things in the beginning that would have helped me build up a freezer stash and would have helped me produced more. I was a new mom and had no idea what I was doing. I am glad I stuck with it and was able to have a great nursing relationship with you! There were definitely times when I would say "I hate breastfeeding" or "I can't wait for this to be over!" But there is definitely something empowering about being able to provide all the nutrients and food that your child will ever need. I was able to connect with a great network of women who shared their struggles and successes. And I will for sure miss our nursing sessions because those were bonding moments that only you and I could experience together.

So, all in all, I will miss breastfeeding. For me it symbolizes the fact that you are growing up and moving on. I will always cherish those moments together and will always remember the first time you nursed, in the hospital, and how emotional and overwhelming it was for me. It was at that point it dawned on me how powerful being a mother was and the relationship a mother has with her child is unfounded!

Your 24th week was a big one for you!
  1. You learned how to turn things over, intentionally. For example, you have a toy that lights up. When it is upside down, you can't see the lights but you now know that if you turn it over, you can see the lights and hear the sounds better.
  2. You also started crawling (like for real crawling) instead of just army-crawling! 
  3. You also can sit-up unsupported now and are very close to being able to sit up on your own (like going from laying down to sitting up)!
  4. Lastly, we finally introduced solids on a more regular basis. We started out with oatmeal cereal and then introduced pureed carrots as well as sweet potatoes!
At 25 weeks, you started being able to pull yourself up on your knees pretty well and we were super impressed! Then you surprised us a couple days later and decided to pull yourself up (on your feet) at your 'Ballcano' (a standing activity center)! I can't handle all of this growth and development! You are growing up WAY too fast!

You celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day and were Daddy's Lucky Charm!

And you got your first ponytail this month!

You also move around so much it is hard to get a picture of you these days!

You pulled yourself up for the first time!

You rocked more St. Pat's gear because you can, because you are Irish, and why not?

And somehow I got this impossibly cute picture of you!

You hung out with Hollie in your "Babiators" at your first Greek Week!

I made you baby food for the first time! Yummy carrots and sweet potatoes!

You love to climb on daddy!

And you love to be girly!

You ate solids for the first time. 

It looks like more landed on your bib but at least you are happy!

You learned to sit yourself up!

And were still soooo cute at the doctor's office!

You also liked to drool but have the biggest eyes ever!

You loved on Sophie outside!

But were a little unsure of the grass...

You also started crawling for the first time this month!

And clearly started doing yoga...

You played with your first tooth brush we got from the dentist!

You loved on your puppy pal!

And discovered the vertical blinds!

You also loved looking out the windows!

You are still the happiest baby I know!

And you hang out with me while I get ready for work!

You were OH SO happy to see mommy after me being gone for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!!!!

Even though you were sick, you still were smiley!

You also found a new toy with your wipes container.

And since you were sick, you and I had lots of snuggles and I even let you nap with me in the big bed!

  • When you were about 22 weeks, you stopped nursing-just refused to. This really hurt my supply (which I was already struggling with). A week later, I had to go out of town and tried to pump as much as I could but it just didn't go well. I ended up making the decision that I would stop breastfeeding and start the weaning process. It made me sad, but relieved that I didn't have to be the only one feeding you. I am happy I made it 6 months of breastfeeding since it was much more difficult than I thought it would be!
  • You got really sick with bronchitis around 24 weeks. We had to give you breathing treatments (which you did not like) and it was hard on me too. 
  • You are starting the phase of not liking strangers...

  • We haven't really "sleep trained" you but you are starting to fall asleep on your own if we lay you in your crib. This isn't all the time but you will turn your head to the side, start sucking your thumb, and fall asleep. 
  • You reach out for mom and it is the best feeling ever!
  • I started making homemade baby food. Why people buy it is beyond me. It is significantly cheaper to make it and I know EXACTLY what is going into it!
What makes you, you!
  • You started sucking your thumb when you get tired. This isn't the best habit for you to develop but it is how you have learned to "soothe" yourself and it tells us when you are tired. 
  • You love exploring faces with your hands. You like to put your hands in our mouths, grab our cheeks, noses, and chins. You also like to grab people's hair-even your dad's which is short!
  • You are finding your voice more and more each day. 

What we couldn't live without
  • Baby Einstein Activity Center So this isn't the exact one we have (I couldn't find it) but this is pretty much it. Your's has is a music theme, though!
  • Fisher-Price Class Xylophone You got this for Christmas and while you aren't able to pull it, you are fascinated by it! Sometimes we pull it to encourage you to start crawling it. Usually, you will just put the yellow stick in your mouth (go figure!) and hit the keys with your hands!
  • Pillows-Yup! You are moving around so much (rolling and army-crawling) that you don't realize you can bump into things or roll into things. Sometimes we have pillows set up in front our entertainment center and coffee table so a) You don't hurt yourself and b) You don't get into things you aren't supposed to!
  • PediaCare Gentle Vapors Vapor-Plug Unit This helped your nose stay cleared up when you were sick!
  • The Boon Mush Manual Baby Food Processor We got this for Christmas from my dad and it has been great for making your baby food. I am excited to take it along with us when we travel since our electric food processor is so big and bulky.
  • Milk Trays-So I used these when I was freezing milk but now I use them to freeze baby food. I thought about doing it in an ice cube tray but those are more bulky and don't have lids. These are split up in perfect 1 oz increments. I just make up the food, freeze them, and store them in freezer bags. 

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