Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Little 4 month old!

Happy four months sweet baby girl! You are 13.08 lbs (31st percentile) and 25 in (85th percentile)! At your four month appointment, you met all of your milestones along with 1/3 of your six mont milestones! You are so smart and so fun! You also didn't even make a sound when you got your shots! Mommy and daddy were very proud!

I feel like we have seen the most changes in you over the last month than we have before! Your personality has really started to develop and it has been such a joy to see!

Month four was a very busy month for us. Christmas fell during it and we were busy with lots of traveling. It also seemed like such a long month so bear with my long post!

Between 12 and 13 weeks, you really started to go to town on your fingers and fists. You also liked your pacifier more and teething rings. We entered into teething...

Around 13 weeks, when we would give you a bottle, you start to hold it on your own. We obviously had to help sometimes but, for the most part, you could hold it up and support it.

Around 15 weeks, you really started to follow me if I walked passed you, if you heard my voice, etc. You don't really do this as much with other people but you definitely know who your mommy is and it makes me so happy!

Right at 16 weeks you not only rolled from your back to tummy (YAY!) but you really started giggling!

Around 17 weeks, you started creeping towards your toys. I am almost positive you will be an early crawler!

Also around 17 weeks, you started sleeping on your tummy and have been sleeping much better because of it. You no longer roll over in your sleep to get on your tummy (we put you down on your belly) so you don't get caught in the rails of your crib.

You are a very happy, talkative baby. You used to not like to lay down but now you don't mind it because you have learned you can grab your feet and become a little rolly-polly!

For some reason you LOVE being naked!

You and I still get cuddle time in!

Your tummy is your favorite place to be now. 

This was the start of you rolling over-grabbing your feet, and rolling to the side. 

You are starting to get really chunky cheeks!

Hanging with mom while I get ready for work!

Everything goes in your mouth these days. 

Sophie is your favorite teething toy. You pretty much won't let this thing go!

You have also managed to get your feet in your mouth!

We tried out this fun bouncer but you were still a little too small. Maybe in about a month!

First pair of sunnies. Still a bit too big. 

Loving on your frozen teething rings. 

And Sophie again!

You started to be able to hold your bottle on your own at times. 

You also made some pretty cute faces. 

And tried to put things in your mouth that clearly wouldn't fit...

You were also the happiest baby ever and still continue to be. 

You love sitting up in your seat. 

And playing with this fun toy!

You also love to for people to play on the floor with you.

Cheered on the Packers once and for all this past season. Go Pack Go!


  • When I went back to work, I had a difficult time pumping enough for you so we had to start supplementing with formula. Well, over Christmas and during all of our travels, we used the formula more than we should have which really hurt my production when we returned. When I did go back to work, I would pump maybe 7-8 ounces (when I really need about 15).
  • Napping...For some reason, you don't like to nap in your crib, pack-n-play, on our bed, etc. You usually fall asleep after your mid-morning feeding but as soon as you are put down you either wake-up, or, wake-up 10 minutes later and won't fall asleep. The frustrating part is that you will sleep fine at daycare. 
  • Towards the end of your 15th week, I started taking a supplement recommended to me by the lactation consultant in order to help boost my supply and production. So far it has worked really well and I am happy to say that we haven't had to use formula AND I am pumping extra for us to freeze!
  • You sleep REALLY well at night-like about 10 hours straight well. However, you aren't able to put yourself to sleep yet (this might help with napping). You usually fall asleep with your evening feeding either by nursing or with a bottle and then we just put you down and you are out until about 5:30 or so. We have received a lot of advice from friends and family on what we should be doing and there is even more online. Ultimately, it is our decision and, at this point, we still think you are a bit too young to let you cry it out. Check back in a couple months!
What makes you, you!

  • EVERYTHING goes in your mouth! 
  • You are able to sit up for about 5-7 seconds at a time but you are able to start doing the "tripod" sit occasionally. 
  • You are oh so smart! I cannot get over how much you learn and change everyday. I know all parents think that their kids are geniuses, and you are more than likely not, but I do think you are very smart with how early you have learned to do things!
  • You love being in just your diaper. Every time we change your clothes, you are happiest. This makes your dad nervous :)
  • You don't mind being held by others but you definitely know who your mom is and follow my every move! If you are held by others you will just stare at me. 

What we couldn't live without
  • Your piano activity mat. You LOVE this thing and try so hard to pull the little animals off but have a hard time since they are attached!
  • The Nosefrida!You have tackled a few colds since being born but the one you had this past month was when we decided to buy the Nose Frida. It has worked wonderfully and has been a lifesaver for getting rid of your stuffies!
  • Sophie the Giraffe! You got this for Christmas and you weren't too sure about it at first but now it is the only toy that you won't drop or put down. It is definitely a good teething toy!
  • Bibs-we have a million different kinds and go through about 4/day since you are a little drool monster!

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