Friday, January 3, 2014

First Christmas as a family of 3

Get ready for some CUTENESS!!!

Adam and I have always done a lot of traveling around the holidays. Both of our parents are divorced so the movie "4 Christmases" really does apply to us! This year was no different and we were determined to see everyone since it was Caroline's first Christmas.

We left our home on the 20 to head to Missouri to visit my parents. After trying to drive 10 hours straight during Thanksgiving, we decided it was best to break it up so we drove to Kansas City and stayed at Adam's mom's house before heading to Rolla.

It was nice being back home and spending time with my family. We did Christmas with my mom on Christmas Eve and Christmas with my dad on Christmas Day. My step sister had her daughter in February so it was fun seeing the two girls together. Even though they are only seven months apart, Amelia is so much more developed than Caroline. Next Christmas should be a lot of fun with the two of them!

After about five days with my family, we headed back up to Kansas City and Omaha to see Adam's mom and dad's families. It was great seeing both sets as one of Adam's aunts lives in Florida and we rarely see her as well as seeing Adam's extended family on his dad's side.

What we learned from all of this traveling is that it will be important for us to start our own traditions with our family from here on out. We won't always be able to see everyone and if family wants to see us, they can travel to see us instead of us traveling all over the midwest! Between everything we had to pack for Caroline and all of the gifts we received, our car was packed to the brim! Also as Caroline gets older, her toys will get bigger and we eventually plan on having more kids.

Overall, it was a great Christmas season and having Caroline made it even better! We are truly blessed to have her and such an amazing family!

It's hard to get a good picture with two babies so into each other!

Halfway decent one however Amelia and Caroline are really into something to the right!

Clearly Caroline is obsessed with someone finally her size! 
Had to get a picture of the cousins together! It is amazing that they are just seven months apart yet so much different in size!
                  Christmas morning with my girl! This was about 6:00 am so excuse how I look...                                     

Caroline with her favorite Uncle Pat

The BEST siblings!

One of my favorite pictures from Christmas! Caroline with Grandma!!!


3 generations of beautiful women!

Mom and her favorites!

Caroline with Grandma and Grandpa Noel

First Christmas as a family of 3!

Caroline in her Christmas best! 

Starting the tradition of Christmas eve Jams! Our little elf!

Christmas eve snuggles!

Hanging out with Grandpa while mom and dad got a bit more sleep!

Opening presents

She's the cutest!

Had to get a picture of her santa feet!

Middle of the night play time and snuggles with mom! Good thing she is pretty cute!

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