Friday, December 20, 2013

You are a quarter of a year old!!!

I absolutely love watching you grow, change, develop, and learn!

At around 10 weeks, you started noticing your feet. You would touch them and have this look like, "What are these? They look like my hands but they aren't and when I touch them, I feel it!"

Also around 10 weeks, you started cracking some giggles and laughs. We heard this on our way back from Thanksgiving in Wisconsin and your dad and I were so surprised we couldn't believe it!

Around 11 weeks you discovered that you can grab your feet and put them in your mouth! We also think you started to teeth around 11 weeks. There are some nights when you are super fussy and all that made you feel better was sucking on a pacifier which you NEVER do! You are also becoming our little drool monster and you LOVE to suck on your fists! You try to stick your full fist in your mouth. It is pretty funny!

At 12 weeks, you rolled from tummy to back! I like to think that you are developmentally advanced because this usually doesn't happen until babies are about four months and you are only three months old :)

You got to hang out with Grandpa and cheer on the Packers!

You rocked your big hair bow!

Daddy gave you a crazy hairdo after your bath

You snuggled with dad when we were traveling for Thanksgiving. 

You were a trooper on the way to Wisconsin

You helped mommy decorate the Christmas tree!

You loved looking at the lights under the tree!

You also liked playing with the shiny wrapping paper and playing with the ribbons

We still got some snuggle time in even though I am back to work!

You discovered your feet!

Discovered your feet some more and started sitting up more!

You hang out with mom and help me get ready in the mornings!

Sometimes mommy and daddy let you sleep with them a couple hours in the morning!

Daddy brought you to visit me at work!

Your hands are pretty much your favorite toy :)

But you also like this one. In fact, pretty much everything you can grab onto, it goes in your mouth: My hair, shirt, clothes, toys, feet, etc. 

Mommy got these mustaches for a secret santa gift at work and we played with them at home!

You look pretty cute!
You went Christmas shopping with Mommy and Daddy in one of your Christmas outfits! You also rode in your stroller without your carseat!

You have learned to put anything and everything in your mouth!

You and dad took the sweetest afternoon nap!

You rocked tummy time, looked cute doing it, and rolled over!

You had big smiles wearing your fun socks and hat from Aunt Connie!


  • You started daycare and this was more of a struggle for me than it was for you. You struggled taking a bottle but then got the hang it of. 
  • You used to LOVE being in the car and would fall asleep instantly. I think this was ruined when we took you to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving because now you pretty much hate it!
  • I have been struggling with pumping enough milk for you when I returned back to work so we have had to supplement with formula. I try not get too down about this but I do feel guilty but at least the majority of what you are getting is breast milk!
  • For some reason, you aren't sleeping well at daycare. You will sleep for 30 min stretches instead of your long naps like you do at home.

  • You are sleeping SOOO well! Your dad might disagree but I think an average of 7 hours is GREAT! Your seven hours just start earlier than ours do! There are some nights where you blow us away and sleep for 9 hours straight!
  • You are starting to get on a routine since I have been back to work. When we get back from our traveling for the holidays we are going to start sleep training you. Right now,  you fall asleep while nursing or by rocking. We love those times with you but don't want you to get too used to that routine!
  • You are really starting to hit those developmental milestones: Grabbing, talking, sitting up, following noise and objects. Whenever we play I get so proud of you for learning new things! 
  • You have been ROCKING tummy time!
What makes you, you!
  • You LOVE sucking on your fist. Sometimes you try to put your whole fist in your mouth which is pretty humorous!
  • We are starting to see your personality come out. You a very happy baby and usually pretty content with things until you are hungry, need your diaper changed, or are tired. Then you can be a bit dramatic! 
  • When you are playing with toys, you are very serious and focused when it comes to trying to grab them and have them make noise. I hope this means you will continue to be dedicated and focused when trying to achieve goals in the future!
  • I cannot get enough of your smile! You have the most beautiful smile and I am so grateful I get to see it in the mornings when we are getting ready and in the evenings after you are fed! You are one happy baby!
  • You LOVE to sit up and hate even being a bit reclined. You will try to bring yourself forward to sit up more if you are more reclined.
Things we couldn't live without!
  • Soothies! These have been great to have when we are at our wits end with the occasional fussiness at night!
  •  Your first purse! My mom got you this and you LOVE it! It has different textures, a mirror, different colors, and makes the crunchy noise you love! You also like to put it in your mouth!
  • Your carseat cover! With it being in the negatives when we take you to daycare, this keeps your bundled up and nice and warm! 
  • Your activity gym! We love it because it can twist and fold up for when we travel! You love it because you can grab the animals above you and you can look at yourself in your mirror!

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