Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watch out Nebraska!

That's right, we are moving to Nebraska! I was able to secure a job at the University of Nebraska-Kearney as the Assistant Director of Student Life for Greek Affairs. My start date is July 1 and I already have so many ideas for when I get there! I can't wait to start meeting with students, staff, and graduate assistants! I know that the first year in the field as a full-time professional is, undoubtedly, the hardest one, but I am ready to take on the challenge!

It has been great living in Rolla for the past year and being so close to my family, but I think it will be good for Adam and I to move away for  awhile. He will be able to go back to school full-time while I work and by the time he is done, we are hoping he will secure a job in the Kansas City area.

While Kearney is in the middle of Nebraska, there are a lot of things going for it. The city itself is about 30,000 people. There are lots of great restaurants, shopping, and outdoor activities. Kearney is about 3 hours from Omaha, 4 hours from Kansas City, and about 8 hours from Rolla. Since Kearney is located further west, I am looking forward to the travel opportunities that will be presented such as the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore (4 hours away), Denver and surrounding area (5 hours away), and the Grand Teton National Park (12 hours away).

One benefit to the position as that I am required to live on campus. The University will provide a three bedroom/two bathroom apartment for Adam and I. That's right, no rent or any type of utilities! This will also be a great way for us to save a lot of money so that when Adam is done with school, we should be ready to buy a house!

I know it will be especially hard for me being so far from my family. But like I said before, it will be good for us to be more independent and it won't be forever!

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