Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why I feel bad for Kate Middleton

So there is a new royal in the mix. Sweet Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I am not shy about my obsession with all things Royal and am so excited for this new babe to come into the world. But, the more I started thinking, the more I realized I feel so bad for Kate.

Now, this didn't hit me as hard when she had George because I hadn't had Caroline yet so while I knew what childbirth entailed, I didn't KNOW what childbirth entailed! Luckily (or unluckily) after close to 48 hours of labor, I ended up with a beautiful baby girl via c-section. I also ended up with practically no sleep for two days, being cut open and incredibly sore, and barely being able to stand up straight or lay straight for a couple of weeks while I healed. So there are downsides to either having a baby the "regular" way or via c-section. I don't think one is better than the other.

So, why do I feel bad for Kate?

1. Kate went into the hospital around 6:30 am. She had the baby around 8:30 am and then went home at 6:30 pm. This timeline only gives about 12 hours to start nursing the baby (if she chose to do so), get some rest, bond (which isn't a lot of time) with the baby, and have her team come in and make her look fabulous. I feel bad for her because all I wanted to do after having Caroline was be with her and Adam. I was too excited to sleep and was completely obsessed with her. I wasn't going anywhere and neither was she!

2. This next part is may be TMI for some of you so I apologize in advance and you have been warned. Most vaginal deliveries involve some tearing and some repairing after. Every delivery involves a lot of bleeding and a lot of soreness for a LONG TIME. The idea of walking out of a hospital two days, let alone 10 HOURS, after having a baby does not appeal to me. The idea of walking out of a hospital wearing heals and yellow/white dress while holding a newborn COMPLETELY TERRIFIES me! Do you know how easily white shows blood?

3. The biggest reason I feel bad for her is because of the pressure. She is pressured to look amazing 100% of the time. Regardless if she just delivered a baby or not. I feel bad that she can't just be a normal person. I don't think any normal person (especially mothers who understand) would blame her for wanting to wear sweats and tennis shoes out of that joint.

As appealing as being a royal is, I will take my normal life over it any day of the week!

P. S. Do you think Will had a similar outfit on when the princess was born?!?!

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