Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So we bought a house...

Wait...what?!?! Not a post about Caroline???? That's right, we do have other things going on in our lives besides hanging out with the coolest girl we know :)

When Adam and I moved to Kansas City, we were SOOOO fortunate that we were able to stay with his mom while we figured things out. Our plan was to be out by August. Well, you know what they say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." So, May turned to June and June turned to July, and so on and so forth. I didn't get a job as quickly as I thought I would. So finally, after having X amount of interviews, I finally landed a pretty great gig at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. It is a complete departure from working with fraternities and sororities but I love it!

Once I accepted, we really started looking-and we looked EVERYWHERE. Johnson County, North Kansas City, Kansas City, MO and then finally Lees Summit. Like most first-time home buyers, we needed to establish our priorities. We knew what we wanted but we didn't REALLY know what we wanted. Was an additional 5 minutes added to the commute worth the extra 500 square feet? We really needed to start asking ourselves those questions.

Out of all the houses we looked at in North Kansas City and Johnson County (probably close to 30), we looked at 2 in Lees Summit and found a pretty great house.

So I am sure you want to see some pictures. These are from the listing so this isn't our furniture. We have a lot of shopping to do but I have realized that we will be in this house for longer than 2 years (the longest Adam and I have been in one place since getting married) so I can take my time making i the the home I want it to be.

Front of the house

Living Room


Guest Bathroom

Guest bedroom

Caroline's Room
Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom
Basement (This will be redone further down the road)

Non-conforming 4th bedroom in the basement
Back Deck

Patio off of deck

Backyard with shed and a vegetable garden-I am going to have to grow a green thumb!

Back of house
All-in-all we think it will be a pretty great first house. What sold me was the backyard (that was my one deal breaker) and all of the great updates the main floor has. There is also a separate dining room off of the kitchen that has french doors on to the deck. Eventually we want to do some work to the basement and there is another bathroom down there that needs to be updated.

Moving day is on Saturday for those who want to help :)

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