Monday, July 22, 2013

News Flash: You are pregnant for more than 9 months...Happy 33 Weeks

Why do people tell you that you are only pregnant for nine months? Its not true! This really dawned on me last week when I was 32 weeks. See, 32 weeks, divided by four (four weeks/month) is actually eight. Well, if you are pregnant for 40 weeks that means I still have 8 weeks left which is still two more months. Try telling this to someone who is this far along and doesn't want to be pregnant anymore-Not happy about it!

Adam and I were able to get a 3D ultrasound done this past week and it was one of the most amazing experiences. I think it made it more real for Adam because, while I can feel her move all the time, he was able to actually see her move. She looked like a little person-rubbing her eyes and yawning! Below are some pictures from the session. I might be a little biased but I think she is going to be beautiful. Both Adam and my mom think, by comparing these to some of my newborn pictures, that she looks a lot like me. We also have a video of the entire session.

  • How far along? 33 Weeks
  • Total weight gain/loss: I am still sticking with 13 lbs. I don't weigh myself at home so I don't know if I have gained any in the last week but I am hoping NO!
  • Maternity clothes? Yup!
  • Stretch marks: Thankfully, no more than before!
  • Sleep: Hit or miss. We visited Adam's mom this past weekend and I slept really well (with the exception of going to the bathroom!) both nights. I just really want to either sleep on my back or on my stomach and that is not possible. If I sleep on one side for too long, my leg or arm starts cramping up. 
  • Best moment this week: Seeing our baby girl and seeing Adam!
  • Miss Anything? I miss having Adam home. I won't see him until he moves back the middle of August. 
  • Movement: Oh yes! She is all over the place too. 
  • Food cravings: Not really anything
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
  • Gender: GIRL!!!
  • Labor Signs: Not yet!
  • Symptoms: Still lower back pain. Depending on how she is positioned, I have a hard time taking deep breaths in.
  • Belly Button in or out? Still in
  • Wedding rings on or off? On!
  • Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy most of the time! 
  • Looking forward to: This weekend-I am finishing up some nursery projects and then will be able to reveal it!

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