Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Worry, I am Alive

Yes, I am still here! Anyone who works in Student Affairs knows that the months of August and September virtually allow no free time. I am not complaining, just stating a fact. Here is what I have been up to:


You get the picture! Have I been doing other things than work? Yes, here and there. Adam and I were able to head to Kansas City one last time before things got crazy for me. I was able to go to a friend's baby shower and spend some quality, down-time with another friend.

Oh, Adam and I have also been doing some casual car shopping. We plan on purchasing a new (new to us) car and the one we are really fixed on is a Nissan Murano. Adam was a little iffy about it when we were first looking, but once we test drove one, he fell in love with it! They have such a smooth ride for being an all-wheel drive vehicle. When we moved, we sold the Blazer that Adam drove so we have been down to one car. This really hasn't been an issue since we live on campus and I work on campus! I really have no need for a car during the day. Adam is also going to school so he walks to class everyday. We were hoping to purchase another car in October but since it hasn't affected our daily routine too much, we might wait longer just to save more money.

So back to the old J-O-B, I really do love it. I have definitely had challenging situations/days, but all in all, my first two months have been pretty good! We just wrapped up with sorority recruitment, and, somehow, it has been the least dramatic recruitment I have ever experienced! I am surprised by this because usually the first year at a new school makes the process a little more challenging. Ask me in a couple months once school is in full swing and I will let you know if I still love it just as much!

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