Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So when are you guys having kids?

I feel as though from the time we got back from our Honeymoon until now, that question has been asked AT LEAST twice a month. It was much more frequent when we first got married and has slowed down significantly. Here are the following reasons why that question bothers me so:
1.       Why do people automatically assume that since you are married, you are going to have children? What if we didn’t want kids? Does that make us bad people? Now, my husband and I do want to have children, but not for a long time!
2.       What if we are unable to have kids? I am pretty sure that is no one’s business besides my own, my husband’s, and our family. How awful would you feel if you asked someone when they were going to have children, and the reason they currently don’t isn’t because they don’t WANT to, but they can’t. Since we aren’t ready for children, I don’t know if this would happen to us and, obviously, I hope it doesn’t; but I know that I would be extremely upset if that were the reason we didn’t have children thus far.
3.       IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. The people who REALLY know us, know what we are planning on. If you don’t already know, don’t ask! And it really is the people who don't know us well, who ask the most!
 So here it is, my husband is going back to school. We want to wait until he is done with school before we have kids, we understand that probably won't be for at least three years and we are fine with that. We also want to own a house before we have kids. We also want to get some of our student loan debt paid down before we have kids. Catch my drift? There are just certain things we want to do and that we want out of life before we have children.
Now, obviously, if I happen to get pregnant before-hand, we will welcome a child with open arms and be thrilled!

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